What is new?

A lot has changed since the last time when it comes to using the current database. It will only be possible to apply. If you have any people or families you are related to and would like info. Then contact me so that we can figure it out together.

2022-09-17 Hopefully the readability is improved now. When it comes to using the Tree function you can choose the background yourself in the menu / setting on the right. I use a white background.

2022-09-23 Documents and Topola are now combined. You can start Topola and download the Gedcom files yourself for download, or a folder of your choice, from DOKUMENTS. Large Gedcom files may take some time to boot, so be patient.

2022-11-5 TNG, THE NEXT GENERATION OF GENEALOGY SITEBUILDING is now back and will probably give us a better overview. I'm going to change a part in TNG, hopefully for the better with time.