I am looking for the connection between Finland/Sweden and Norway. And in this connection, I have a family tree that Anna-Liisa Öfverberg from Sweden left to me many years ago. This is a pdf file of 152 pages and deals with descendants of:

Person: Pirkkamies Nils Oravainen

1 Pirkkamies Nils Oravainen p. n.1500 puoliso NN
spouse NN
husband Bofilla
2 Nils Oravainen II b. c. 1530 k. 1597 married Lucia
3 Nils Oravainen III
4 Gertrud Niilontytär Oravainen husband Anders Torfastsson b. 1676
5 Nils Andersson myöh. Oravainen p. 1650 k. 1.4.1683
wife Anna Arendintytär Grape p. 1649 k. 10.5.1729
5 Karin Antint. Oravainen p. ?? k. ennen 1692 husband Hannu Hannunp. Kuure k. 17.5.1681
husband Henrik Niilonp. Karinen p. 1650 k. 23.3.1712

with more and which extend all the way up to the year 2000.
Should you be stuck with information on the following family names:

Kalkko / Hitemö
Falk / Falck
XX Basckala / Sipola / Backe
XX Thornberg
XX Tornensis
XX Kuure
XX Öfverberg

XX Do I have confirmation of the FTDNA connection. But would like to have a Gedcom file on these.